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  Production Programme

A Comprehensive range of cutting tools is another central component of our strategy and the quality and innovatio built into our tools is the key to your profitable production. In order to offer the best total solutions we also provide technical support, demonstrations, technical advice, new ideas and practical experience.Besides item which you have seen in this catalogue we offer Tools for every application in ..............
Metal cutting, Automobiles, Aerospace, Precision engineering, Heavy engineering, Die & Mould industries etc.

Solid Carbide Drills & Brazed Drills
Carbide Taps, Thread mills, C-sink & T slot cutters
Carbide End mills Ball nose cutters
Carbide Reamers, Hole Mills, Core Drills
Solid Carbide Drills, Reamers, Cutters
Form & Profile Cutters
Carbide Tipped Tools
Carbide Inserts
PCD & CBN Tools & Inserts
Indexable Inserted Drills
Special Indexable Tools
Indexable Drills and Drill Tips
Threading Inserts & Tools
Indexable Reamers
Special Profile Inserts
Threading Tools - Thread Turning and Thread Milling
PCD Tools
Jig Boring Tools
Solid Carbide Boring Tools
Carbide Knurling Tools
HSS Coolant hole Drills & cutters
Super HSS (Powder metallurgy) Tools
HSS Tools Pricelist
Carmet Wear Parts
Carmet Dies, Punches, Collets, Holders
Carmet Inserts Price List Revised
Carmet Price List Revised
Workrest Blades
Fastner Tooling
Seals/ Liners/ Bushes
Carbide Balls
Dies & Punches
Tool Holders
Carbide Collets & Guide bushes
Rolls & Mandrels
Carbide Gauges
Gauges in Steel and Carbide
Carbide Ground Parts
Carbide and HSS Centres
Compressor Sleeves, Plungers, Spacers, Pistons and Feed Rolls
Knives & other Wear Parts
Miscellaneous Carbide Wear Parts
  Production Programme include following detail product range  
  Solid Carbide Tools  
  • Drills Solid Carbide oil fed drills, Burnishng Drills, Step Drills, Subland Drills’ Spotting Drills, from Drills, Modular Drills, Form Drills, Centre Drill, Extra Long Drills.
  • Reamers : Solid Carbide & Oil fed Reamers,Burnishng Lapping finish Reamer Modular Rearming Head, Systems, Core Drills, Hole Mills, Form Reamers.
  • Carbide Milling Tools : Ball Nose Cutters, Form Cutters, End mills, Shell Cutters, Rounding Cutters, T - Slot Cutters, Woodruff Cutters, Saws, Counter Sink & Bores,Port cutters .
  Threading Inserts & Tools  
  • Solid Carbide Taps, Thread Milling Cutters,Threading tools & Inserts for turning, Boring Grooving, Milling etc .
  Insert Drills & Reamers  
  • Modular Drills with Inserts, Combination Insert Drills, Reamer with indexable Inserts & Inserted milling cutters, Turning tools, Boring bars, Cartidges.
  New Super HSS  
  • Oil fed Drills, Reamers, Cutters for Inter Mittent Cuts.
  PCD & CBN Tools & Inserts  
  • Diamond Drills, Reamers, End mills, Profile Cutters, Inserts.
  Carbide Inserts  
  • For Turning, Milling, Drilling, Boring, Threading etc.
  Special Inserts  
  • Form & Profile inserts including Carbide Insert, PCD & CBN Inserts, Super HSS Inserts.
  Carbide Tipped Tools  
  • Cutters Drills Reamers etc.
  Spl. Carbide wear parts  
  • Dies, Punches, centres, blades etc.
  Tailer Made Tools  
  • As Per Your Requirments & Drawings.
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